How to not blog self-care

Hey so I have a blog. Who knew.

I know I forgot.

I intended on blogging a year of self-care, because it was becoming abundantly clear I was rubbish at it. I thought this accountability would be good for me.


Hooooooooooo boy.


Turns out, the worst thing I could have done for my self-care was to give me more things to do. So I retreated.


Not only did this not work just on concept, but my first few posts were giving myself even more jobs. “Oh hey you know that hard thing, DO IT in the name of self-care!”. It was pretty contradictory and short-sighted. So now I’ve renamed my blog and I’m just going to use it for whatever I feel like. I want to do more personal writing and blogging so this seems like a good spot for it. I’m thinking of using my Tumblr for writing exercises and prompts and sprints etc, and this for other stuff. We’ll see how that goes. I have some thoughts on a book I might put on here. But then I might not. We’ll see how that goes.


Takeaway: When going on a mission to care for yourself, maybe give yourself a break and don’t make things harder.

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